21 April, 2013

Accidental ombre wall

Denim Jacket, Mom's / White Tank Top / Floral Skirt, Cotton On / Chelsea Boots, Toxic Codeine / Gold Arrow Necklace & Earrings, Forever 21 / Black Triangle Necklace 

My nights have been filled with cold showers and school assignments. The weather has been way to crazy for me to be able withstand warm water running down my body in addition to my increased body heat. And especially with my wonky shower, which turns into cold water randomly several times without my permission. Also, it rains with no warning, which leaves me freezing when I'm wearing a sleeveless top because I thought it would be hot. Though thankfully, the air becomes humid after a downpour so I don't regret what I put on in the morning after all.

It's been one week into school and I'm already desiring for a holiday (biggest reason is actually being able to take scenic outfit pictures haha). I miss Hong Kong so much and would really really like to go back there again. Then get fat from feasts of dim sum. Yummmmm... But my long holiday's not until many, many torturous months later x_x 

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