13 April, 2013


Maxi Dress / Sleeveless Denim Top / Pink Fur Clutch, Daiso / Cross Bangle, Toxic Codeine / Monkey Socks, New Look / Sneakers, Converse

Yes, the clutch is from Daiso! Wasn't expecting much when I casually strolled into the well known everything-is-2-bucks outlet until I walked into the stationery section and saw the cutest pencil case ever. It came in different sizes and I bought two - one pencil case size and the clutch (which isn't actually a clutch but, hey, there are no rules as to how I should use it!). On a side note, I heard a lady pronouncing Daiso as "Dayso" ಠ_ಠ


  1. So delicate - you are truly a beauty. Love you in the chucks!!!


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