02 April, 2013

Hey April!

Welcome to April! I'll go with the same old "Hi April, please be good to me."

Looking back on March, it was a pretty good month, I guess. Went on a cruise, then on a boring trip to Genting Highlands with the paternal grandparents. Spent most of the rest of the month bored to death at home and didn't really head out much. Nothing eventful, which is good since "no news is good news" aye? 

Will be starting the 3rd year of poly in two weeks and I don't know what the future holds. But waking up on the first day of April from a dream that I forgot but left me feeling blissful should be a good sign, shouldn't it? Or it could also be because I've been watching The Carrie Diaries and it's all about first kiss and losing virginity lolol.

Meh, same old same old with the "I'll try to work harder this year" shit and end up scoring horrible results again. But it is the last year studying business, so go me! Also really hoping that during this 3rd year of school, I'll find my calling because if I don't, I think I'll really end up sleeping on the streets. Yikes, not good for a money maniac like me.

And thus, I enter another month of too much thinking, dramas, school and friends. Yayeeeeeee...

P.S: Thank you, Stoof. Love you to bits ♥

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