17 April, 2013

Double Vision

Polka Dot Crop Top, New Look / Burgundy Leather Skater Skirt, Bugis Street / Socks, Cotton On / Chelsea Boots, Toxic Codeine / Vintage Satchel, Malaysia

 This is what I wore on the first day of school because me and my friends decided to go for tea after school (there are only lectures on the first week of school and no tutorials so usually I'd be in really casual clothes). After lots of walking, we finally settled on Marmalade Toast @ Ngee Ann City. Not going to say much, except that the food and service were awful, so I can safely say that I'm never making a second trip.

Anyway, it's 3 days into the first week of school now and it hasn't been all that great... though at least I did keep to one plan, which was to exercise at the school gym on Monday and Tuesday. But I haven't exercised in forever and now I have terrible muscle aches on both my thighs. I cannot walk down stairs without wincing with every step ; ^ ; Not going to complain though. After all, no pain, no gain, right?

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