06 April, 2013

Saturday Blues

Denim Blouse / White Spaghetti Tank, Forever 21 / Denim Pleated Skirt, Editor's Market / Socks, Cotton on / Chelsea Boots, Toxic Codeine / Cross Necklace 

So last night my mom told me that I am more suited for the girly type of clothes, not grungy and edgy. Well, I'm still finding my way throughout all that and I figured I'll start from here, my first official outfit post. And this shall be my first step to becoming fairly fearless regarding judgement from the society.

School is starting in 2 weeks and I'm still not sure of what I think of it. I'm definitely hoping it'll be a good one, obviously. I will also try to make full good use of this last year in poly... So, go me!

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