16 May, 2013


Graphic tank top / Floral Jeans / Denim Jacket / Silver Necklace, Cotton On / Red Sneakers, Puma

What I wore for Mother's Day dinner ― a full tropical look complete with wonderful sunlight, flowers, trees in the background and a top that says I ♥ HAWAII. I've never been to Hawaii but it is definitely one of the countries in my want-to-go list. Coincidentally (or not), this tank top is a hand-me-down from my mom because she claimed to be "too old for this", though I think she'll never be too old for anything (: School's been real busy and deadlines for reports are piling up even only after about 5 weeks of school... But at least my faculty will be out of school for next week since it's E-learning week and I'll be spending next week with my best friend who's coming back from Canada! Hope everyone will have a great week ahead too! 

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