01 May, 2013

Pastel loving skull

Skull Shirt, H&M / Pastel pink pants / Rabbit Beanie, Talisman / Sneakers, Puma / Pink watch, Baby G

A skull who loves pastel colours or a skull who is loved by pastel colours? I'd think it can go both ways. I definitely wouldn't mind getting painted pastel purple and decorated with lavender and mint coloured flowers after I pass away, while resting in the coffin. Pastel colours are just so pretty...

Anyway, welcome to May everyone! Let's all hope this month will be an even better one than April. Yes, I believe everyone had a good April. Doesn't hurt to be a little optimistic with the new month, no? Also, with the new month in tow, I decided to try taking pictures without my glasses! How do I look?

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