09 May, 2013

We're not broken just bent

Lace Shirt, H&M / Navy blue chiffon maxi skirt / Navy blue loafers, Charles & Keith / Gold necklace, Talisman / Red hat

I've come to a conclusion that maxi skirts this long are not the most convenient for someone who loves to sit on roller chairs. My skirt kept getting caught by the wheels and I had to as careful as I could not to get the material ripped... In the end, I resorted to laying the skirt nicely (but un-glamorously) over my legs and just folded them onto my lap to make sure it doesn't touch the floor instead. But still, I can't deny that maxi skirts are still really pretty. My sister told me I dressed like a witch... did I?


  1. You are really pretty :)

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment really matters a lot to me ♥


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