12 May, 2013

Yellow trash bin

Vintage Checked Blouse, TheStyleMafia / Black Skater Skirt, Socks, Cotton On / High top sneakers, Converse / Cross Bangle, Toxic Codeine 

Here I am, getting photobomb-ed by a yellow trash bin. As a citizen of Singapore, where people get fined for littering, it would seem normal that there is a trash bin loitering around void decks, lonely and hungry for rubbish. Well, Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there! Y'all daughters and sons, make sure to treat your mom right not only today but everyday :) 

My right eye has been twitching for more than a week now and I can't make out whether to be superstitious and think something good or bad is going to happen or whether there's something really wrong going on with my eyelid muscle.....

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  1. Grungrey! I like the combination between your skirt and top!!! <3


    1. Thank you so much! Your outfits are really nice, I'd kill to have your clothes! ♥


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