09 June, 2013

Been to space

Denim Jacket, Maxi Dress, Overseas / Transparent Jelly Sandals, Rubi / Black Leather Shoulder Bag / Spikes Necklace, Bangle, Flea Market

The night I bought these shoes, my sister told me I looked like someone who stepped out of a UFO. In other words, some alien from a foreign planet. So I thought, “why not dress like one too?” With a black maxi dress with undecipherable words (definitely my alien language), a thick metal bangle and a spikey choker/necklace, I can only hope I succeeded. I could also be an alien Cinderella, but I would most probably not find my prince because these glass jelly shoes would enable me to run faster and surely wouldn’t fall off so easily. Nevertheless, these shoes have been a blessing – they are so comfortable! And I have yet to wear them with pretty socks. Though without socks, it kinda feels like I’m walking barefoot in style. What do you think of my new alien shoes? 

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