23 June, 2013

Circle spins

Turtleneck crop, New Look / Black skater skirt, Socks, Cotton On / Chelsea Boots, Toxic Codeine / Necklace, Talisman 

What I've learnt from this is doing spins with a glamorous look on my face is definitely not easy, which is why I cropped my face off in the photo above. Although I've learnt ballet for about 9 years of my life, I think it's quite obvious why I've stopped dancing. I think I can never be as graceful as ballerinas who often practically have smiles stuck onto their faces, no matter how tiring the dance routine is. That is definitely what's so admirable about them, besides their gracefulness and flexibility. 


  1. I'm in love with this outfit !
    Plus, your blog design is awesome.
    Good job ! :)

    Anaïs and the Daisies


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