02 June, 2013

Hello June

Cutout Knit Top, Cross Earrings, Forever 21 / Quilted Leather Shorts, Mezora / Sneakers, Converse / Black Leather Bag / Bowler Hat

Photos by Steph

Sorry for the lack of posts recently (follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates!). Spent the last 2 weeks or so travelling around Singapore because Steph aka bff was back in Singapore for a while. But now she's gone back, sadly, and school's out for 3 weeks and I'm more than thankful for this resting period. So exhausted and sick of school I'm not really sure how to get past the rest of the school year, albeit it being the last x.x

Anyways, welcome to June! Only 30 more days and half of 2013 is gone! Time passes so quickly and I'm not very sure what to think of 2013 being almost half gone...


  1. I'll never tire of seeing you in those high top chucks! You're beautiful.


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