20 June, 2013

Queen of flowers

Pink mesh sweater, Cotton On / Denim Skirt, Mezora / High top sneaker, Converse / Hologram Bag, Floral headcrown, H&M / Spikes necklace, watch, Flea Market

Unable of becoming a real queen, I decided to buy this floral headcrown from H&M when I saw it the other day and crown myself Queen of Flowers instead. No... not really. I've seen many people putting on floral headpieces and being inspired, I decided to try it too. What is your opinion though. Did I do okay? Indonesia is burning forests and it's getting very hazy in Singapore (current PSI level of 253, where PSI stands for Pollution Standard Index). My nose has been suffering, both from the smell of the smoke and from a runny nose. I'm hoping everything will get better tomorrow! Both my nose and the air.

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  1. Lovely look I'm in love with this floral headband trend <3
    I would love to if you visit my blog:
    Love Mai stay in touch ;)


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