26 August, 2013

Pristine denim

Shirt, Forever 21 / Denim dungaree, Mom's / Denim Tote, Stylenanda via TheStyleMafia / Chelsea Boots, Toxic Codeine / Shades, Flea Market 

Exams are finally over and I have been rewarded with 2 months of holiday! Sorry for being MIA for the past few weeks, but I am really glad to be back updating this space and I hope you guys are too! :) I seem to have grown overly attached to my favourite shades that carry along with it lovely memories. 

And talking about memories, the hairdo I'm wearing definitely reminds me of the much younger aged me, when my mom used to tie my hair while I'm having breakfast before my dad sends me off to primary school. If I wanted something more than a simple ponytail, yet not as complicated as braids, I'd tell my mom to twist my hair into this hairdo. While studying and being annoyed with my hair all over my face and obstructing my view, I found my renewed love with this hairdo.

Pretty excited about the holidays and can't wait to start doing things I've wanted for a while! Hopefully this will be a fulfilling and productive holiday :)


  1. Hello Erin! I really hope your exams went well. Im sure you did well! Enjoy your holidays and cant wait for your new posting. Love the overalls and white button up. Take care=)

    1. Hi again, Byron! Thank you for having so much faith in me :') Thank you so much! :)

  2. Your welcome dear! Always have faith in life and you shall go far=)


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