29 September, 2013

asymmetrical chess

Shirt, Necklaces, Forever 21 / Dress (worn as skirt), Cap, Bugis Street / Socks, Topshop / Sneakers, Converse

In this third and final instalment of the Dress Worn As Skirt for the year (maybe), I'm a hungry girl who is happy, but not showing it, that she can finally snack on the packet of her favourite milk flavored Pocky snack. Pairing male accents (the cap, the sneakers) with female accents (the frilly socks) in an outfit is probably something people will never get tired of doing in the modern centuries. And so is dressing in pure black and white, of course, aside from the colourful converse. Plus, black absorbs heat and the weather has been pretty chilly :)

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  1. Yo whats up girl? Hope all is well with you.Have a great weekend my friend=)Take care


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