11 September, 2013

falling rain

Denim Blouse / White Dungaree Dress, Romwe / Floral head crown, H&M / Navy Sneakers, Converse

At this time of the year, Singapore has gotten into an annoyingly confusing state of weather. It rains almost all the time, gifting the pleasure of cold, chilly weather. When the rain stops, the weather quickly turns humid and it's difficult not to feel mildly sticky after walking too much in clothes that were prepared for the colder weather. I've been lusting over leather jackets for what feels like centuries, yet it isn't the least bit impractical to own one in Singapore weather. I've been growing up being envious of people who live and grew up in countries that have four seasons. It always seemed so fun to layer jackets upon sweaters and wear leather jackets and pants.

Besides lamenting about the weather in Singapore and the absence of thick clothes in my closet, I've been watching bits and pieces of 后宫甄嬛传 because my parents have been hooked onto it. And I can't help but think the floral head crown reminds me of the headdresses that concubines wore back in ancient China dynasties.


  1. Your photos and style are gorgeous... I'm a fan! Can't wait to watch your blog grow!


    1. Thank you so much Isa!! That comment means a lot to me! <3


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