26 September, 2013

new & old

Knit shirt, H&M / Dress (worn as skirt), old / Chelsea Boots, Toxic Codeine

Earlier this week I decided to bail on getting my fringe cut and let it grow out (very slowly) instead. Mainly because I'm getting too lazy to tend to my temperamental bangs every night and morning, so I wanted to switch it up and crossed out bad hair days from my worry list. I was also so bored I decided to rediscover my closet and found this really old hand-me-down dress from my mom that I haven't worn in years. I put it on this morning and was disappointed to find that I was now too tall for it to reach a societal acceptable length of a dress. But then again, people invented shorts for a reason, right? And embracing today's cuddle weather from the rain (probably blown in to Singapore from Typhoon Usagi?), I put on a knit shirt over the spaghetti strapped dress. Sadly though, I'm still praying (unsuccessfully) for an autumn miracle over Singapore...

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1 comment:

  1. It's always great to rediscover old items in your closet. I like how you styled your dress as skirt, I wouldn't have know if you hadn't mentioned it. Cool look!

    xo, Jackie


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