09 September, 2013

oversized dip-dye

Oversized Dip-dye Denim Jacket, Asos / Mesh tank top, Hologram bag, H&M / Skorts, Sheinside / Chelsea Boots, Toxic Codeine / Necklaces, Forever 21 

Sorry for not having posted anything in ages again, but remember when I wanted to get a new camera? I finally fulfilled the promise (more to myself than anything) and got myself one at the COMEX IT Fair, which means I got the camera at a cheaper price and got a load of free gifts along with it. So hereon starts the vicious careful handling of the new Canon 600D until one day I accidentally do something (ie, find a scratch on the screen or the camera, or maybe even drop it) that will break my heart but won't kill me. 

Being the person I am, I couldn't wait to use it, which is why I have a new post on the day I got the camera. Albeit it being a post with little photos because I'm still experimenting with the camera, or rather, my sister is, since she takes the pictures. Most of the pictures turned out awful and way too grainy (like the first one, but I love it too much to let it go to waste) because I may have set the ISO too high. Pardon me but I promise I will improve by the next time a new post appears! But before that, I shall first immerse myself in bubble wrap heaven that I have acquired from the many gadgets of the camera that needed that addictive protection.

Oh, and welcome to September!


  1. this is such a cute outfit/outfit post!
    your pup is adorable and I love your skort and bag - I actually have the bag myself too! xo


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