14 October, 2013

tartan worthy

Tartan dress, Denim Shirt, Overseas / Socks, Cotton On / Boots, Dr Marten / Vintage Backpack, Flea Market

This dress has been sitting in my closet for the longest time ever (no not really) since I wasn't sure I was able to pull it off. I have, though, always imagined wearing it with a pair of Dr Martens, and since I have gotten a pair, why not also get to finally wearing it? Just in time for Tartan season! So, am I Tartan worthy yet?

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  1. Wauw you have such a great style, I love your outfits!
    I found you through lookbook, you deserve way more followers!
    I'm now following you @ bloglovin :)
    Love from the Netherlands,

  2. everything is just divine here.


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