03 November, 2013


Comic Babydoll Dress, Tote Bag, TheStyleMafia / Socks, Asos / Watch, Casio / Cap, Online / Boots, Dr Martens

I woke up yesterday morning with my hair naturally swiped to the side (usually it'll be in an embarrassing poofy centre parting) and since I was granted with a good hair day, I decided to leave it for the rest of the day. Today I'm lounging at home (actually really rushing on homework and assignments) with my hair pinned back in a centre parting. 

Anyway, if you're wondering what's going on with the title, it's about my shoes. When I bought them, I promised my friends it would replace every other favourite shoe I own, ie, sandals and converse. And I've kept true to the promise - I've been wearing them almost everyday that it now already has scratches albeit only owning it for about a month. Though, maybe really it's just because I don't walk well...

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  1. That dress is so lovely! PS. I love your cheekbones :)

    Stop by sometime, x Natalie


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