27 December, 2013

PHOTO DIARY - land of smiles

Despite the ongoing protests, which were definitely harmless but noisy, I did enjoy the nothing-but-shopping Bangkok trip. The weather was a 180 degrees change from the weather in Singapore (cold but thankful) and the people are always awfully willing to help. I came back tired (but happy) and kinda sick of shopping with an additional luggage full of my shopping loots. I think I won't be shopping for a while... is what I wish I said but I did have my eye on certain things before the trip that I couldn't find in Bangkok. Hehe. Nevertheless, it was a good trip with my family (maternal and paternal grandparents included) and I let myself take my mind entirely off school assignments for that short 5 days. But now it's back to assignments and deadlines, and this time I can't wait for March to arrive...

Btw, a belated Merry Christmas to all my readers, and an advanced Happy New Year! And if you aren't already sick of the visual diarrhea here, check out my Instagram (@_nsye) for more pictures and follow if you'd like :)

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  1. oh how i miss summer when watching these photos! i'd like to visit Singapore so bad!! <3

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