27 January, 2014

all patched up

Top - Forever 21 / Boyfriend Jeans, Oopskooky / Cardigan, Bangkok / Beanie, Daiso / Necklace, Indiesin / Shoes, Converse / Bag, Fjallraven Kanken

Here's a standard outfit I'll wear to school, complete with the trusty backpack that can fit my whole laptop and cardigan to keep me warm from the strong air-con. These pair of jeans, albeit not being my dream boyfriend jeans because I'm way too budget to get beautiful One Teaspoon ones, are definitely worn to death. They're ripped (what more can I say), comfortable and not tight & heat-trapping like skinny jeans.

I foresee myself being extremely busy in February due to exams and (possible) audition so do forgive me if I don't post as regularly... I wish I could tell my readers to head to my squared pictures place to see daily bits and pieces of my life now but my life has been really non-existent because I've been staying home everyday after school to finish up assignments. It's horrible but Chinese New Year is drawing near and I can't wait to stuff myself fat with Bak Kwa (roasted pork slices) and then there will be one more month left before I'm finally done with polytechnic! Now it's time for me to crash... till next time!


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