02 February, 2014

all things new

Top, Skirt, Bangkok / Shoes, Singapore / Belt, Flea Market / Necklace, Forever 21 / Bag, Online

Had a sudden realization from these photos that my tan is unbearably uneven - tanned face & legs with pale arms - which invigorated my resolve to swim at least 2 times a week after graduation. Also, my roots are starting to grow out, much to my despair. 

On a another note, I never thought I would get into the trend of mermaid skirts, but I went to Bangkok looking for plaid skirts and found this perfect (besides the one from yesterday's post). Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the long weekend, while trying to stop lying to myself about the test that will take place right after the holiday..


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  1. Awesome oufti and super cool pics
    Your blog it's special!!!
    Nice work



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