09 February, 2014

already bright

Hat, Top, Skirt, Bangkok / Socks, Muji / Shoes, Dr Martens / Watch, Seiko / Belt, Flea Market / Necklace, H&M

Currently amidst editing a report and finishing the executive summary and really needed a break (It's 6.53am!!) Also, nothing else right now feels better than clearing off new clothes from a holiday back in December, albeit my wide hips seemingly not agreeing with that skirt. And I should maybe go for modelling lessons (no, not really. just kidding) because 3 out of 5 of the pictures here have my hands in almost the exact same place. Been stuffing myself with CNY goodies and I can feel the additional weight coming in. Or perhaps I should just stop here because random thoughts are all I can fathom at the moment...


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  1. Awesome outfit and cool pics
    Nice blog :D

  2. love your outfit. very cute top <3


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