03 March, 2014

february in squares

Welcome to March, lovelies!

Accept my apologies for the lack of post last week. Exams are really just an excuse because heading to a roof to take outfit shots would have been a good break from all the studying. But you'll get to know the real reason later (or if you follow me on instagram, you'd have already known). Anyways, this Saturday (aka outfit shoot day) I spent an entire day at an event so there wasn't an outfit post this week either. Instead, I decided to show my instagram feed during February. This February I especially made it a point to post on Instagram everyday, and I will (hopefully) be doing that for the rest of my blogging journey. 

1. My parents have green fingers and this is just half of their photosynthesis-ing babies
2. Grey fuzzy sweater would be worn to death if not for the sweltering hot weather in Singapore
3. Outfit for when I sent a friend off to Australia
4. First pair of Juju jelly shoes ft. YSL lippie

5. Note to self 
6. Yes, I was dying in that sweater 
7. Finally got a pair of slip-ons from styledasher (they're perfect) 
8. Cuddling my rilakkuma cushion and being exhausted

9. I have no appreciation for tending to flowers but I have to admit, they are pretty
10. Hey there, sunlight, starbucks and slip-ons
11. Steamboat lunch with friends
12. Got a new casio from laterabbit

13. Outfit for last week's post but... I forgot to charge both my camera battery - real reason 
14. Apparently the whole world (no, not really) needed to know what I was studying
15. Always thought I was artistically handicapped but I tried drawing something anyways 
16. Publicizing for the event I was at yesterday

17. Just another outfit post 
18. Bored and didn't want to think about anything outside the exam hall so I took a picture of my boots
19. Celebratory pizza after last paper 
20. Frens and beer

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  1. Lovely photos! I really like your new slip-ons and the boots in 18th photo :) xx

    Picture Me


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