23 March, 2014

marble slick

 Top, TheStyleMafia / Skirt, Young Hungry Free / Boots, Bag, Hat, H&M / Watch, Casio

I decided it was time to be bolder with prints and what better way than a statement marble printed blouse and silver midi skirt? Also, my obsession with midi skirts doesn't seem to be ceasing, which may or may not be a good thing. In other news, I finished reading Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore over my vacation in the Philippines (which I will be posting about soon) and am officially infatuated with his books and writing style. And I apologize for the lopsided belt in these pictures, but if you didn't notice anything, pretend I never said anything because I'm just lazing in the corner reading 1Q84. 

Before that, though, hola to my new followers! There aren't many, but I felt a need to express my gratitude. Words can't describe how grateful and thankful I am! Thank you so much for all your love, welcome to my blog and I'll work hard to make sure you guys won't get bored of this space!


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  1. Still glad I could be a new follower love this look...you did such a great job of pulling it off!
    I am obsessed with your boots omg ! Looking forward to future posts : )

    -dominique xx

    check out my new blog: http://domxwisdom.blogspot.com

  2. edgy outfit!! :) followed you on bloglovin ;)


  3. cute outfit! looking forward to your Philippines post



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