30 March, 2014


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Top, Bangkok / Jeans, Topshop / Shoes, styledasher / Coat, So Frocking Good / Belt, H&M / Watch, Casio / Necklace, the Philippines

Welcome me as I begin utilizing the art (or lack thereof) of the self-timer. It's definitely not easy - most of the pictures above were manually "background-blurred" with ever-amazing photoshop. I obviously still have much to learn. Also, from here on, I'm declaring my envy for people who live in countries where wearing a coat won't cause heatstroke. It's a huge tragedy to be in love with coats but live in a country with summer all year round. Thankfully though, I found this thin coat-ish outerwear on So Frocking Good, which can keep me warm from air-conditioning but won't get me drenched in sweat under the sun. Meanwhile, my love for distressed jeans (preferably boyfriend ones) and slip-ons seems to be never-ending.


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  1. Loving this look! I've tried similar shoes at H&M :)

  2. Cool look!



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