06 May, 2014

paint fractures

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Tank top, hat, Bangkok / Blouse, Choies / Jeans, Topshop / Shoes, Styledasher / Clutch, All Would Envy / Watch, Casio

I remember when I was a lot younger, while looking at pictures of tall stilettos, wedges and any kind of high heels, including my mom's vast collections, I would tell myself that I will also one day buy all the pretty high heels in the world (no, not really -  savings do still come first). As I grew older and my feet stopped growing at a size bigger than my mom's, I realized the importance of comfort, meaning sneakers and boots. And of course, I also realized, with much sadness, that I would never fit into my mom's shoes.

 But of course, I can never break old habits and as the trend for minimalistic heels remain, I feel my love for high heels rekindling. I sure wish I was one of the lucky girls in the world who own the Zara strapped heels but I really don't wear heels often enough to be able to wear off the price of those lust inducing shoes. 

Anyways, with an act of a change in topic, this outfit was very close to being an all white outfit but I'm still in search of the perfect white bottom. And while you wait for the white-out post to appear on this space, check out my Instagram (@nsyerin) for more pictures of your truly.


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  1. Super cool pics and very nice outfit too
    great work on your blog
    keep doing :)


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