04 May, 2014

photo diary - in subic, the philippines

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I know I promised these photos from my vacation in the Philippines a long time ago, but amidst being busy preparing for college interviews, I entered a wrong queue date and when I finally noticed the post was not up, I was in a complete writer's block and couldn't think of anything to type into this photo diary. April was not very nice to me and it decided to have me experience a loss of motivation and inspiration for this space. But May is here and I decided to come back for good (I hope - not gonna lie). 

Anyways, the visual diarrhea is finally up, after much delay. And another post will also be up soon! I pray that May will be good to me and everyone else. I'm Hong Kong bound at the end of May so that should be a good sign! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the photos of the place where I had a close encounter with tigers and a lion, enjoyed the sea breeze on a speedboat and ate lots and lots of meat & seafood.

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  1. April was just as disastrous for me. But let's make May better!!
    I love this photo diary...I love all the pictures and scenes captured here. Great post.

    -Dominique xx


    1. Thank you, Dominique! Yes, let's make May better :) ♥


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