28 May, 2014

sundown witchery

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Top (Similar here) from Topshop / Skirt (Similar here) from Unicarosa / Boots (Similar here and here) & Hat (Similar here) from H&M / Watch from Seiko / Choker (Similar here) from Shop Amazeballs

It's definitely difficult to determine my style because I am an indecisive person and a fan of so many things. One part of me who is currently a little into chokers would not really agree with the other part of me who is into minimalistic fashion. But I hope you do enjoy the bit of blue I added to brighten up this grayscale palette of an outfit. 


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  1. Love the look.
    Totally understand how you feel with the different style,
    do think you always look very lovely!

    Much Love, M

  2. I one hundred percent understand what you mean...it's the same for me
    I love the simplicity and the femininity of this look.

    -Dominique xx

  3. I totally agree with the personal style thing, I feel the same way!



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