20 June, 2014


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Top from Unravvel / Jeans from Topshop / Shoes from Birkenstock / Watch from Casio

I've been contemplating on getting a pair of Birks ever since they made rounds on the internet (ie, tumblr) but I wasn't sure about spending 100 bucks on slippers. But I found them at a huge discount at a sportswear store in Hong Kong and I caved. So, thank you Hong Kong for helping me find a pair at such a steal and putting another hole in my wallet. At least they have been so awesome that I've been wearing them almost everyday and putting them to their money's worth. I promise that this won't be the last time you'll see them. In fact, my Birks have been on my Instagram a lot, so definitely no ragrets.

Anyway, nothing much has been happening lately except me letting my immune system guard down and getting attacked with a cold. I managed to put up a fight (by sleeping a lot and no less, oh it was tough) and now I'm almost a-ok, for which I apologize for the mild disappearance... I will be up and taking more outfit shots in no time! In the meantime though, I have to finish studying my Basic Theory Test for driving before the last day of June, which is only 10 days away!!


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