09 June, 2014

photo diary - 1 day in shenzhen, 6 days in hong kong

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Hong Kong was incredibly good for me. Being a second home, I couldn't wait to get back for the food adventure I was to have (curry fishballs are my absolute FAVOURITE). My grandparents did also probably fatten me up by feeding me more food than I usually eat. Beside the really really good food (need I say more about that dripping custard bao?), I always have and always will love the Hong Kong skyline and night scene. It must be nice to have highlands, sea and buildings all in one country. Any corner of Hong Kong is a beautiful scenery, really. Also went to see remakes of famous landmarks of various countries, like the Eiffel Tower and the Niagara Falls, in Shenzhen's Window of the World. Better than never, right? Can't wait to be back ― I'm still missing the food there, 2 weeks after being back home.. It's also really nice to have a best friend who also has relatives in Hong Kong be in the same country for (almost) the same week :)

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