06 July, 2014

slow and steady

IMG_2217_edited IMG_2246_edited two-in-one IMG_2242_edited IMG_2239_edited IMG_2197_edited IMG_2206_edited IMG_2244_edited IMG_2188_edited IMG_2194_edited

Top from Asos / Shoes from Nike / Watch from Casio
Photos by Nadia

I left home in my pyjamas pants (not really) and strutted slowly and steadily to purchase a new camera lens ― 50mm f/1.8. Nadia and I tried out the new lens at various places immediately after, which can explain the different backgrounds in these pictures and for which I will apologize if the post feels too colorful for you. I will not apologize, however, for spending on new lens because I'm absolutely in love with it. The lens will thus count for the best investment of this month, although that also means I will not have new clothes for the rest of July. But sometimes, sacrifices have to be made for the people (or things) you love, right?

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