13 July, 2014

soaking in comfort

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H&M Sandals (similar here)

These days when I finally decided to get off my bed, I'm mostly donned in basics and casual clothes. Anything fancier is now considered rare because fancy means outerwear, sweaters and actual shoes (not sandals) but the weather is currently anything but fancy. Besides looking like I'm wearing a school uniform when photographed from the waist up, I probably look like I just put on a pair of jeans under pyjamas and left the house. Some time ago I would never step out of home wearing slippers/flip-flops unless I'm just off to walk the dog or to the market. And this is why I will be eternally grateful to fashun for making pool sliders fashunable so I can still be cool without having to spend ages tugging my shoes on before I'm out of the house.

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  1. Comfort has always been the key for me and
    I think that makes me to like this look even more, because it is also style very cool and stylish!

    I love your slides.

    Much Love, M

    1. Thank you Motilayo! Your comments are always so lovely ♥


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